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Our Belgian Youth Ambassadors are back on the streets!


On 5 – 6 March we launched the 9th edition of the Youth Ambassador Programme in Belgium with a mix of online and (f-i-n-a-l-l-y) in-person events!

A few days later, we asked our Youth Ambassadors (YAs) for their reflections on the training they received and the actions they carried out.

In the words of Adele, from Cameroon, ’during the kick-off event, it was inspiring to meet other young and dynamic people fuelled with the drive to change the world one good deed at a time.‘

Understanding the mission of ONE Campaign, its policies, and just getting the general advocacy training was the best for me,‘ added Phy Ronoh, from Kenya.

Eleni, from Greece, underlined: ’What stuck with me, in particular, was the campaigns workshop because I had the opportunity to learn the best tactics out there when it comes to campaign building!

The new cohort totally has the DNA of Brussels. We come from all around the world, with different backgrounds, speaking different languages but driven by a common goal: STAND UP to end extreme poverty and preventable diseases!‘ concluded Clementine, from Belgium.

So, what‘s the recipe for an amazing YA launch?

First, break the ice!

Our wonderful activists kicked off the first day on Remo, where they had the chance to get to know each other and discuss their interests. “It was a first for me on Remo, I enjoyed hopping on other tables. It was a lot more fun than usual,” commented Adele.

Second, mix tools and training to succeed

Deep diving into ONE‘s 2022 policy priorities, learning our campaigns tactics, and taking part in peer-led media training, our YAs learned how to translate policy into action.

As Phy Ronoh said “Plans and objectives of the year were laid out. The most interesting part for me was coming up with new ideas that could help achieve ONE‘s mission”.

Know the policy, take to the streets and get noticed: isn‘t that the perfect activist mix?

Third, add lots of creativity!

To finish  the day on Saturday, the YAs brainstormed fresh ideas for future ONE activities. As Clementine said, “The whole programme launch was non-stop learning and fun but my personal highlight was definitely the brainstorm time for our group projects. This year, ONE EU has given us the opportunity to create, manage, and lead our own project. It was super exciting!

Fourth, decorate with impactful actions!

Our YAs were lucky enough to get a sunny Sunday morning to take over the streets of Brussels and put into action what they learned. They took part in a scavenger hunt, spreading their message loud and clear: It‘s time to end the threat of COVID-19 everywhere!

They also wrote postcards to EU Commission President von der Leyen and EU Council President Michel on ensuring fair access to COVID-19 vaccines, tests and medicines. Eleni even said, “It was the best part of the weekend. Meeting other ONE activists, writing postcards, taking photos and videos for social media, and running around Brussels to complete raising awareness activities was an unforgettable experience!

Watch out to see our Youth Ambassadors in action all around Belgium this year. While you wait, watch Anthony, a YA from Lebanon, tell you more about him and the Belgium programme:

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