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Voters urged to Speak Up to make election candidates Speak Out for a fairer world

Anti-poverty group ONE is today calling on the Great British electorate to voice their vision of a fairer and safer world  –  by asking their General Election candidates vying to represent them in the next Parliament to stand up for the world’s poorest  by supporting  UK aid.

Launching the ‘Speak Up. Speak Out’ campaign,  ONE’s interim UK Director, Kat Sladden, said: “Politics isn’t a spectator sport. It’s about using your voice to challenge, inspire and speak up for your values. If you believe in a fairer world without poverty, get involved and do your bit. Speak up and make your candidates speak out in support of UK aid.”

The campaign will remind the public and the candidates that this election is of global importance and will have an impact beyond Britain’s shores.

Candidates are invited to join the public in signing a pledge* to Speak Out throughout the term of the next Parliament for the UK’s role in fighting poverty.

Sladden added:   “With global admiration, the UK spearheads the fight against poverty. From sending NHS staff to battle Ebola to providing shelter and education for children fleeing conflict, the UK is always there, a reliable global citizen.

“So let’s make sure that candidates vying to represent us in Westminster know that the British public cares about fighting poverty to create a fairer, safer world.”



*Here is the text of the pledge:

I pledge to speak up and speak out to make sure Britain continues to be a global leader in the fight against extreme poverty.

Working together, I believe we can end extreme poverty by 2030 — but only if we maintain the UK’s aid budget and make sure it is spent on programmes that help the world’s poorest people.