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The ONE Campaign response to ICAI report coverage

Diane Sheard, UK Director of The ONE Campaign said:

“No-one supports corruption. Today’s criticism of isolated cases in UK aid programmes does not properly reflect the life-saving impact of the vast majority of UK aid, which has put over 10 million children through school and helped vaccinate 48 million children against killer diseases.

“The UK has a strong reputation for getting its own house in order on anti-corruption, including ensuring that UK companies are not used to steal corrupt funds.

 “UK aid is independently evaluated as among the most transparent and efficient in the world, making every penny count for those who need it the most.”


Notes to Editors

This statement is in response to today’s report from the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) on ‘DFID’s Approach to Anti-Corruption and Its Impact on the Poor’. The full ICAI report can be found here