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The ONE Campaign pays tribute to Jo Cox MP – an extraordinary campaigner for a better world

Adrian Lovett, interim CEO of The ONE Campaign, paid tribute to his friend and former colleague Jo Cox, who was killed today.

“Many of us at ONE knew Jo as a friend, colleague and advocate for social justice. We are deeply shocked and saddened by her death and our thoughts go out to her family.”

“Jo was a fearless and tireless campaigner with an infectious energy and a belief in making the world a better place. She had an amazing ability to cross divides and connect with people. She touched many lives through the work she did here in the UK and elsewhere in the world,” said Lovett, who became friends with Jo when they worked together at Oxfam for several years, before she became an MP.

“Long before her parliamentary career, Jo’s extraordinary passion, determination and impatience for justice were evident. She took a party of MPs to Darfur, a tough and dangerous place. She was determined to show them the reality of what was happening so they would return to Westminster and demand action. Later, she led a campaign to stop the needless deaths of women in childbirth. She was incredibly good at her job.

“She had an extraordinary heart and not a bone in her body that knew hate.

“Those who were lucky enough to have known her know that she would want us to respond to today only with love and a determination to keep working for a better world. That’s how she lived. All of us at ONE will cherish her memory and send our deepest sympathy to Jo’s husband Brendan, their children and family. Our hearts go out to them.”

Bono, lead singer of U2 and co-founder of the ONE Campaign, also paid tribute to Jo. Posting on Instagram, Bono wrote: “Jo Cox. A leading light who used her effervescent time on earth to fill it with joy and justice. She was a close friend to many of our team at @ONECampaign. We pray for her family and for the blessing she was to those who knew her and to the millions of people she never met, but to whom she devoted her life.”