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Powerful new film sheds light on sexism trapping millions of young girls in extreme poverty

WASHINGTON – To mark International Day of the Girl tomorrow, October 11th, The ONE Campaign, and award-winning creative agency Don’t Panic, have joined forces to release a powerful new video ‘When I Grow Up…’, to highlight the fact that millions of girls are denied the future of their choice because poverty is sexist. Girls are asked the age-old question “what are you going to be when you grow up”? The answers begin as expected, but quickly turn to reflect the harsh reality for girls in the world’s poorest countries.

The video is part of ONE’s Poverty is Sexist campaign, which demands world leaders invest in the world’s poorest women and girls, ensuring they are not left out of the global push for gender equality.

“No girl wants a future where she’s denied an education or infected with HIV, but this is the reality for too many girls living in extreme poverty,” said Roxane Philson, Chief Marketing Officer at ONE. “Until these barriers are broken, millions of girls in the world’s poorest countries are being denied the right to build the future they choose. This cannot go on – sexism is unacceptable – poverty can make it a death sentence.”

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Every year, 340,000 girls and young women will be infected with HIV. Right now, 130 million girls are being denied an education. These are just some of the factors that are holding millions of girls and young women back, and stopping them from choosing their own future.

After watching the video, viewers are asked to join the Poverty is Sexist campaign by signing the Poverty is Sexist open letter – calling on world leaders to fight for a world where every girl has the chance to build the future she chooses.

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