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ONE’s pledge against extreme poverty unites new MEPs after divisive European vote

Brussels – As the election results are digested across Europe, ONE revealed today that 122 of the newly elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have already signed the ONE Vote 2014 pledge. The ONE Vote 2014 campaign calls on the next generation of EU leadership to rise to the challenge of helping to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030. The MEPs who signed up to the pledge agree to continue the fight against corruption and to build support for the poorest countries, especially through investments in agriculture, health care and access to energy.

Eloise Todd, International Advocacy Director of ONE, said:

“122 of the elected MEPs have already committed themselves to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030, and over the coming weeks and months ONE Youth Ambassadors will keep working until the majority of new MEPs have signed up. We are looking forward to see these newly elected MEPs converting their engagement into actions.

These elections have splintered votes in many countries, wiped out traditional parties in some, and consolidated mainstream votes in others. The result is a different Parliament, but it is a Parliament we are sure we can work with. We are spurred on by the support that our ONE Vote 2014 campaign has garnered from across the political spectrum, with MEPs from the left, right, centre, green, and new parties committing to do all they can in the next five years to fight extreme poverty in all corners of the world.”

The EU as a whole is the world’s biggest aid donor and has committed to spend 0.7% of its collective gross national income (GNI) on development assistance by 2015. Although it is not on track to meet this target, the next generation of EU leadership can change this. Eliminating extreme poverty by 2030 is possible, but only if there is a renewal of political will among European policy makers and leaders.



Notes to editors:

  • In the context of the ONE Vote 2014 Campaign, the pledge that Members of the European Parliament are invited to sign, is:

“Ending extreme poverty is in our hands. Together, we can make sure it is virtually eliminated by 2030. In the next 5 years, we need to build support for the poorest countries, especially through investments in agriculture, healthcare and access to energy, and to make governments and businesses transparent and accountable.

As a representative of the European people, I will make sure we keep our promises in the fight against extreme poverty, and help ensure that our laws make it easier for the world’s poor to lift themselves out of poverty.”

  • The ONE Youth Ambassadors project is a new initiative that empowers more than 130 young activists across Europe to carry out the fight against extreme poverty – campaigning locally, nationally and online. This project has been launched simultaneously in France, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands and runs for six months until October 2014.
  • Our calculations of elected MEPs are based on the results at the time of writing. The list hereunder may be subject to small changes.
  • European Commission presidency candidates Jean-Claude Juncker and Alexis Tsipras also signed the ONE Vote 2014 pledge, as well as sitting MEPs Martin Schulz, Guy Verhofstadt, Ska Keller, and José Bové (listed below).
  • List of elected MEPs that signed ONE Vote 2014:

1. Bart Staes, Groen / Greens
2. Claude Rolin, CDH / EPP
3. Guy Verhofstadt, Open VLD / ALDE
4. Ivo Belet, CD&V / EPP
5. Kathleen Van Brempt, SP.A / S&D
6. Marc Tarabella, PS / S&D
7. Marianne Thyssen, CD&V / EPP
8. Philippe De Backer, Open VLD / ALDE
9. Philippe Lamberts, Ecolo / Greens

10. Alain Cadec, UMP / EPP
11. Alain Lamassoure, UMP / EPP
12. Christine Revault d’Allonnes, PS / S&D
13. Constance le Grip, UMP / EPP
14. Edouard Martin, PS / S&D
15. Elizabeth Morin-Chartier, UMP / EPP
16. Emmanuel Maurel, PS / S&D
17. Eric Andrieu, PS / S&D
18. Eva Joly, EELV / Greens
19. Françoise Grossetête, UMP / EPP
20. Gilles Pargneaux, PS / S&D
21. Guillaume Balas, PS / S&D
22. Isabelle Thomas, PS / S&D
23. Jean Arthuis, UDI-Modem / ALDE
24. Jean-Marie Cavada, UDI-Modem / ALDE
25. José Bové, EELV / Greens
26. Karima Delli, EELV / Greens
27. Marc Joulaud, UMP / EPP
28. Marie Christine Vergiat, Front de Gauche / GUE/NGL
29. Marielle de Sarnez, UDI-Modem / ALDE
30. Michèle Rivasi, EELV / Greens
31. Nathalie Griesbek, UDI-Modem / ALDE
32. Pascal Durand, EELV / Greens
33. Patrick Le Hyaric, Front de Gauche / GUE/NGL
34. Pervenche Bérès, PS / S&D
35. Sylvie Guillaume, PS / S&D
36. Virginie Rozière, PS / S&D
37. Yannick Jadot, EELV / Greens

38. Angelika Niebler, CSU / EPP
39. Barbara Lochbihler, Grüne / Greens
40. Birgit Collin-Lange, CDU / EPP
41. Constanze Krehl,  SPD / S&D
42. Evelyne Gebhardt, SPD / S&D
43. Fabio De Masi, Die Linke / GUE/NGL
44. Franziska Keller, Grüne / Greens
45. Gabriele Zimmer, Die Linke / GUE/NGL
46. Helmut Scholz, Die Linke / GUE/NGL
47. Jacob von Weizsäcker, SPD / S&D
48. Jan Phillip Albrecht, Grüne / Greens
49. Joachim Zeller, CDU / EPP
50. Kerstin Westphal, SPD / S&D
51. Manfred Weber, CSU / EPP
52. Martin Häusling, Grüne / Greens
53. Martin Schulz, SPD / S&D
54. Martina Michels, Die Linke / GUE/NGL
55. Matthias Groote, SPD / S&D
56. Monika Hohlmeier, CSU / EPP
57. Norbert Neuser, SPD / S&D
58. Peter Simon, SPD / S&D
59. Petra Kammervert, SPD / S&D
60. Susanne Melior, SPD / S&D
61. Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann, SPD / S&D
62. Theresa Reintke, Grüne / Greens
63. Udo Bullmann, SPD / S&D

64. Aldo Patriciello, Forza Italia / EPP
65. Alessandra Moretti, PD / S&D
66. Alessia Mosca, PD / S&D
67. Antonio Panzeri, PD / S&D
68. Antonio Tajani, Forza Italia / EPP
69. Cécile Kyenge, PD / S&D
70. Dario Tamburrano, M5S
71. David Sassoli, PD / S&D
72. Elly Schlein, PD / S&D
73. Fabio Massimo Castaldo, M5S
74. Flavio Zanonato, PD / S&D
75. Gianni Pittella, PD / S&D
76. Giovanni Toti, Forza Italia / EPP
77. Isabella De Monte, PD / S&D
78. Laura Ferrara, M5S
79. Marco Affronte, M5S
80. Marco Furfaro, L’Altra Europa con Tsipras / GUE/NGL
81. Paolo De Castro, PD / S&D
82. Patrizia Toia, PD / S&D
83. Raffaele Fitto, Forza Italia / EPP
84. Renato Soru, PD / S&D
85. Roberto Gualtieri, PD / S&D
86. Salvatore Cicu, Forza Italia / EPP
87. Sergio Cofferati, PD / S&D
88. Silvia Costa, PD / S&D

89. Corina Creţu, Partidul Social Democrat / S&D

90. Enrique Guerrero Salom, PSOE / S&D
91. Fernando López Aguilar, PSOE / S&D
92. Inés Ayala Sender, PSOE / S&D
93. Iratxe García Pérez, PSOE / S&D

The Netherlands
94. Anja Hazekamp, PvdD
95. Anne-Marie Mineur, SP / GUE/NGL
96. Annie Schreijer-Pierik, CDA / EPP
97. Bas Eickhout, GroenLinks / Greens
98. Dennis de Jong, SP / GUE/NGL
99. Esther de Lange, CDA / EPP
100. Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy, D66 / ALDE
101. Judith Sargentini, GroenLinks / Greens
102. Kati Piri, PvdA / S&D
103. Marietje Schaake, D66 / ALDE
104. Peter van Dalen, ChristenUnie-SGP / ECR & EFD
105. Wim van de Camp, CDA / EPP

106. Afzal Khan, LAB / S&D
107. Alyn Smith, SNP / Greens
108. Anneliese Dodds, LAB / S&D
109. Catherine Stihler, LAB / S&D
110. Clare Moody, LAB / S&D
111. Claude Moraes, LAB / S&D
112. David Martin, LAB / S&D
113. Ian Hudghton, SNP / Greens
114. Ian Duncan, CON / ECR
115. Judith Kirton-Darling, LAB / S&D
116. Julie Girling, CON / ECR
117. Keith Taylor, GREEN / Greens
118. Lucy Anderson, LAB / S&D
119. Mary Honeyball, LAB / S&D
120. Molly Scott Cato, GREEN / Greens
121. Richard Howitt, LAB / S&D
122. Sebastian Dance, LAB / S&D


About ONE

ONE is a campaigning and advocacy organization of more than 4 million people taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. Not politically partisan, we raise public awareness and press political leaders to combat AIDS and preventable diseases, increase investments in agriculture and nutrition, and demand greater transparency in poverty-fighting programs. To learn more, go to ONE.org.

For further information or to arrange an interview with Eloise Todd please contact Tess Uytterhoeven on +32 471 89 64 22 or [email protected]