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ONE Welcomes Nordic Countries’ $750 Million Pledge to the Global Fund

WASHINGTON—The ONE Campaign applauds yesterday’s joint announcement by Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland to pledge $750 million over the next three years to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Michael Elliott, President and CEO of The ONE Campaign said:

“We are thrilled to see this kind of leadership in the crucial months leading up to replenishment. The Nordic countries have always been champions of global health and key supporters of the Global Fund since its establishment in 2002. This ambitious pledge represents a 25% increase and demonstrates their commitment to defeating these deadly diseases.

“The Nordics also rightly acknowledged how this announcement will lever yet more funds, helping to unlock as much as $375 million from the U.S., and signalling the importance of each new commitment for the Global Fund’s overall fundraising effort.

“Over the course of the last decade, the Global Fund has become the single most powerful tool in the global fight against AIDS, TB, and malaria. We hope others will follow the leadership of these countries to ensure a successful replenishment and help achieve what once seemed impossible—the defeat of these three killer diseases in our lifetime.”