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ONE Statement on the Conflict in Sudan

WASHINGTON – The ONE Campaign released the following statement calling on world leaders to take collective action to end the conflict in Sudan, deliver humanitarian assistance to Sudan’s people and support the return to power of a civilian-led government in Khartoum.

“The ONE Campaign stands in solidarity with the people of Sudan, who for years showed courage in the face of tyranny as they worked to deliver freedom and democracy for their country – only to see their hard-earned progress unraveled by those willing to destroy the country to preserve their power,” said Gayle Smith, CEO of the ONE Campaign. “This senseless violence serves as a stark reminder of why the people of Sudan, and not military forces, should be entrusted with the future of their nation.”

“The global community must do everything in its power not only to help end this bloodshed and deliver desperately needed humanitarian support, but also to support a democratic transition in Khartoum, which is the only true path forward for a safe and peaceful Sudan.”