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ONE responds to vaccine summit announced by President Biden

Today, U.S. President Joe Biden announced that he would host a global summit on Wednesday 22nd of September, where he is asking countries to commit to do more on sharing doses of the COVID19 vaccine with other countries.

Responding, Tim Cole, Europe Executive Director of ONE, said: “It’s mind-boggling that we’re 18 months into this pandemic and this summit is only happening now. Leaders have waited far too long to come together and find a global answer to a global pandemic, this is not an opportunity they can miss. This summit needs to be more than a talking shop – leaders like Boris Johnson need to finally stand up and deliver. 

“Rich countries – including the UK – face a choice: get the vaccine around the world and end the pandemic or continue to hoard doses and prolong COVID19, allowing new strains to emerge that will threaten everyone, everywhere. 

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson needs to commit the UK to play its fair share of a global strategy to get 70% of people everywhere vaccinated. For all the talk of his reshuffle this week being about pivoting to life after the pandemic, no pivot will last for long while the Pandemic is still raging around the world.”


Notes to editors

Analysis by ONE suggests that this summit must be ambitious, and aim to secure sufficient doses to ensure at least 70% of the population fully vaccinated in all country income categories by UNGA 2022.

A notable objective of the summit is “Calling the World to Account by aligning around targets, tracking progress, and supporting one another in fulfilling our commitments.”