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ONE responds to UK Select Committee report

The International Development Select Committee has published a report looking at how the the UK Government spends its international aid budget.

Responding to the report, Adrian Lovett, Europe Executive Director at ONE said:

“DFID is right to focus funding on effective organisations and, increasingly, many multilateral aid agencies are achieving fantastic results. UK support for the Global Alliance for Vaccines (GAVI) will vaccinate 80 million children and save 1.4 million lives by 2015 – that’s a child vaccinated every two seconds. Meanwhile, the Global Fund has provided lifesaving AIDS medication for 4.2 million people and 310 million bed-nets which prevent deadly malaria. The UK is close to hitting the 0.7  target and these agencies, along with the World Bank and the European Development Fund have a proven track record of tackling poverty effectively while delivering value for money.”