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ONE Responds to the G7 summit in Cornwall

Brussels – Today, the G7 summit in Carbis Bay comes to an end. Though the summit had high potential, this was not delivered, putting the world’s ability to fight the pandemic at risk.

Emily Wigens, EU Director at the ONE Campaign, reacted: “The world is veering towards a dangerous divergence. Low-income countries have vaccinated just 0.4% of their populations and Africa is staring down a third wave, while wealthy countries speed towards herd immunity. The longer it takes for us to secure global access to vaccines, the more the global economy will suffer and the more we risk new variants appearing that undermine progress to date.

Our calculations show Team Europe could share 690m doses this year, and still vaccinate all citizens including children. The EU needs to act before it is too late. 100 million doses by the end of the year are nowhere near the scale and speed at which we need wealthy countries to move at this point in the crisis. We expect leaders to get behind President Macron’s call for Europe to be at least as ambitious as the US when it comes to dose sharing.”