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ONE Responds to publication of Integrated Review

Today (16/03/21)  the Government has published The Integrated Review, setting out British foreign policy. Responding to the publication, Romilly Greenhill, UK Director of ONE, said: “This review says one thing, while the Government does another. How do they expect to achieve the tilt to the Indo-Pacific while implementing severe aid cuts that will impact many countries in that region?

“The biggest threats facing our country right now are virulent diseases, climate change, injustice and instability, but we’re fighting yesterday’s battles by finding money for warheads. Cutting money to fight disease or famine, while saying you want to increase pandemic preparedness and security – it doesn’t add up.

“Unless the Prime Minister explicitly commits to reverse these aid cuts now, Britain’s global standing will be undermined at the worst possible time. The UK has a chance to lead the world this year, hosting the G7 and COP26, yet this must be credible, matched by the necessary funding and commitment.”