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ONE Responds to new Secretary of State for International Development, Penny Mordaunt MP

ONE extends on behalf of our half million UK members warm congratulations to Penny Mordaunt, MP on her appointment to one of the most important posts in government, the Secretary of State at the Department for International Development.

Ms Mordaunt is well suited for the job of delivering UK aid to millions of people around the world on behalf of the British public. Just recently she spoke publically about her previous work as a humanitarian aid worker, a charity worker and volunteer –  and about her admiration for British aid workers who she described “as beacons of our common humanity”.

Every day UK aid is changing lives and Ms Mordaunt will quickly see how her new department is leading the way in making our world a safer, healthier, more equal and prosperous world that is in all our interests.

ONE’s UK Director Romilly Greenhill, said: “Penny’s experience as an aid worker and volunteer means she is well suited for her new role. Her recent advice to not let pessimism and cynicism distract us from eradicating the problems that cause poverty and disease resonates with the British public and our 500,000 members, many of them our own dedicated Youth Ambassadors.

  “UK aid is a world leader and with Penny now at the helm ONE believes Britain will continue to deliver effective economic development, with an unshakable commitment to the world’s poorest that brings others to the table. 

 “Key to ending poverty is the empowerment of women and girls.  All the evidence shows that getting girls into schools is the best place to start to tackle entrenched poverty and child mortality.

  “Through Ms Mordaunt’s leadership, the UK will be able to drive the reform agenda and continue to improve the quality of education which is key to ending poverty and instability. ONE and its members wholeheartedly pledge their continued support and assistance to Penny and her dedicated staff and wish her every success.”