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ONE Responds to National Audit Office report on ODA

Kat Sladden, (Interim) UK Director of The ONE Campaign, said: “UK aid saves and improves millions of lives and is crucial in the fight against extreme poverty, so it’s right that British Taxpayers expect the highest standards of accountability and responsibility across any Government department that spends our aid.

“The progress DFID has made in managing its budget is to be applauded – but more accountability is needed across Government. Any department that spends UK aid should meet the same standards of transparency that DFID sets itself.

“UK aid must be delivered, and its impact assessed, in a coherent way across Whitehall. As our aid budget increases with the growth of our own economy, this life-saving investment must be held to the highest account so it achieves the most impact in making the world a safer, more prosperous place for all.”