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ONE responds to GAVI’s ‘Raising Generation ImmUnity’ report

Today, GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, released a new report titled ‘Raising Generation ImmUnity’ confirming the organization is still on track to meet their targets for 2025, and has now reached more than 1 billion children with life-saving immunizations.

Reacting to the announcement, Jenny Ottenhoff, Senior Policy Director, Global Health at ONE, said:

“Coming on the heels of unprecedented shocks and setbacks from COVID-19, this report gives us a billion reasons to be optimistic – and shows that the GAVI model is not just resilient and essential, but truly an undisputed best-buy in global health.

“One of the biggest lessons learned from the pandemic is the importance of equipping all countries with the tools – drugs, vaccines, treatments, technology and a trained workforce – needed to respond to prevent, detect and respond to health threats. GAVI’s been at the forefront of this effort before, during, and after the pandemic, and it’s imperative they have the resources needed to continue this work.”