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ONE Responds to FCDO Annual Report

Responding to the FCDO annual report and accounts, 2022-23, which showed that the amount of ODA going to Africa has been cut by 15% (£762m down to £645m), which is much greater than the cut to most other regions, Romilly Greenhill, UK Director of The ONE Campaign, said:

“Yet again, Africa has lost out, as the Government has decided to keep the disproportionate cut to ODA going to the continent. This region is at the frontline of the world’s biggest challenges, conflict, climate change, food insecurity – this isn’t the time for the UK to step back when the response needs to happen now. 

 “It’s about more than the scale of need that many people and places in Africa currently have. The continent is key to responding to global challenges, but only if it has the right investment and capacity to overcome these threats.

 “Moreover, this report shows a lack of consistency between the UK’s ambition and its action. It is impossible to achieve the priorities it lists whilst low-income countries face cuts, and significant amounts of UK aid never leaves the country. This has to change.” 


Quick summary of cuts by region:

  • Indo Pacific has gone from 208 to 192 in terms of FCDO ODA – a 8% cut
  • Africa has gone from 762 to 645 – a 15% cut.
  • Americas gone from 113 to 112 – a 1% cut
  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia gone from 226 to 230, a 2% increase.