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ONE responds to COP28 outcome

Today world leaders agreed a deal at COP28 and while it featured some important progress, didn’t go as far as hoped to help countries build greener and more sustainable economies. Responding, Dr David McNair, Executive Director of Policy at The ONE Campaign, said:

“Sadly we haven’t seen anything like the progress needed to stem the tide of the climate crisis and give countries around the world the tools they need to build greener and more sustainable economies.

“There have been some important agreements at these meetings, in particular the loss and damage fund and finance declaration, which have the potential to be transformative and have a lasting impact on people’s lives and hopes for the future.

“But ultimately it’s impossible to be genuinely optimistic when so many initiatives and commitments remain shrouded by a lack of transparency and cloaked in creative accountancy. We know that billions and billions of dollars simply aren’t going where they are meant to. Until leaders, governments and other key players put that right and ensure funds go where they are needed most, we have little hope of protecting either our planet or the people who live on it.”