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ONE reacts to the updated MFF negotiation proposal

Brussels – The European Council President Charles Michel revealed the updated Multiannual Financial Framework negotiating box. This proposal presents fresh cuts to the EU’s external spending by 6.45%, amounting to €7.02 billion compared to the European Commission’s proposal. The proposal also sets out cuts to sub-Saharan Africa worth €1.36 billion.

Emily Wigens, EU Director at The ONE Campaign, said: 

“President Michel’s proposal sends a worrying signal about the EU’s leadership in the fight against extreme poverty. The MFF should be a turning point in the EU’s ability to tackle the greatest challenges of our generation, but if Member States accept this proposal they’ll be turning their backs on them. The EU cannot cut investments in EU aid, in particular in sub-Saharan Africa, and expect to deliver on its commitments to end extreme poverty and inequality by 2030.

7 out of 10 Europeans want the EU to prioritise life-saving aid, but despite the talk of delivering a budget in line with citizens’ expectations, it’s clear that these are empty buzzwords. This proposal will diminish the EU’s ability to influence the world and be the driving force for progress citizens expect it to be. If EU leaders want to have a say in this geopolitical word, they need to band together and provide the EU with the increased financial means to match increased political ambition. That means using the Commission’s proposal for external spending (Heading 6) as a starting point and building on it, not tearing it down.”