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ONE reacts to the G20 Leaders’ Summit

Speaking from Rome, Emily Wigens, EU Director at the ONE Campaign, said:  “The G20 fell short of delivering collective action needed to tackle the pandemic despite progress on climate and commitments from some individual countries and the efforts of the Italian Presidency. 

“The support expressed for the 70% global vaccination goal raises the real possibility of ending the pandemic within a year but targets alone won’t beat the virus. This will require a huge step-change in how wealthy countries are currently approaching the crisis. At the upcoming ministerial meeting hosted by Secretary Blinken, we need to see the battle plan for meeting this target.

“Leaders also agreed on a smart investment in the global recovery, promising vulnerable countries a $100 billion shot-in-the-arm by recycling Special Drawing Rights to help them tackle the aftershocks of the crisis. These resources will have the biggest impact in low-income countries, so we urge leaders to revisit this target again next year.”

Responding to the news that leaders reached a last-minute deal to pursue efforts to limit global average temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, Wigens continued:

“We welcome the ambition of limiting global warming ahead of COP26. But it costs the G20 nothing to make these promises and matters everything to the world’s poorest countries who are most vulnerable to the climate crisis. So what is really important now is the action the wealthiest economies take to make this a reality.”