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ONE reacts to the EU’s new strategy with Africa

Brussels – Today, the European Commission released a new communication “Towards a comprehensive strategy with Africa”, which will start discussions with African partners, with the intention of jointly defining a partnership agenda at the 6th Summit between the African Union and the European Union in October. 

Emily Wigens, EU Director at the anti-poverty group ONE, said:

“This communication is a good first step in the right direction. The strategy includes many bold ideas, including on digital transformation and EU-African alignment in multilateral fora. Now, we need concrete plans and resources to show how the EU and Africa will accomplish these goals. 

Crucially, we want to see the voices of both European and African youth meaningfully integrated into the decision-making process for this partnership to ensure that this strategy reflects their aspirations and expectations. The strategy should not only create the 22.5 million jobs each year to provide opportunities for all,  it must also be defined and owned by the next generation if it is going to succeed. 

Properly financing the partnership will be important for its success and effectiveness. That means EU leaders should also take a longer-term view on negotiations for the EU next 7-year budget, agreeing on a financing plan that looks beyond 2027 and sets this partnership up for success for decades to come.”