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ONE reacts to the EU’s contribution to vaccine manufacturing in Africa

Brussels, 20th July – The Global Forum for Vaccine Sovereignty and Innovation co-hosted in Paris by France and the African Union Chair, Mauritania, launched today Gavi’s 2026–2030 Investment Opportunity to support its next replenishment – which will raise funds for immunization in lower-income countries for Gavi’s sixth strategic period, from 2026 through 2030.  

The Forum also saw the launch of the African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator (AVMA), an innovative financial mechanism, designed by Gavi in close collaboration with Africa’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), to help vaccine manufacturers in Africa to scale up production and foster regional diversification of vaccine manufacturing. 

Commissioner Urpilainen, took this opportunity to show the EU’s commitment to this initiative and pledged €220 million ($233 million). 

“The EU’s contribution to vaccine manufacturing is testament to its commitment to global health. This commitment needs to come hand in hand with a successful Gavi replenishment. Having already vaccinated over 1 billion children in the 20 years since its creation, Gavi has ambitious plans to reach the next 1 billion children in half that time. An EU pledge of €360 million would send a strong message to the EU’s partners. A message showing that the EU is committed to working together to strengthen economies and health systems, as well as health security globally.” reacted Emily Wigens, EU Director at The ONE Campaign.