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ONE reaction to G8 Summit

Please see the following statement from the ONE campaign.

For further information or interviews with Adrian please contact Asha Tharoor on 07584 470644 or [email protected]

Adrian Lovett, Europe Executive Director at the ONE campaign said:

“A transparency revolution has begun. The G8 has made an important contribution, with action on transparency in the oil, gas and mining sectors, on open data, on aid transparency and a significant step forward on tax transparency. But despite the leadership demonstrated by the UK and France, the G8 collectively has taken only small steps to crack down on the phantom firms that play such a role in robbing Africa of its resources.

“David Cameron and François Hollande must now lead the fight in Europe, driving efforts to get EU members to agree to make information about who really owns and controls companies public. If African countries are to retain and invest their resources, rather than see them siphoned away by corrupt politicians and irresponsible businesses, this is what is needed. Nothing else will do. The Lough Erne declaration includes strong principles for action on this agenda and this may prove to be David Cameron’s most lasting legacy.

“We welcome the communiqué’s strong support for African-led agriculture and nutrition, and the reform and expansion of the New Alliance. G8 members need to follow these words with action, including financial commitments, in the months ahead.”