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ONE applauds Commission’s pledge of €200 million to global vaccines programme

BERLIN — Commissioner for International Cooperation & Development Neven Mimica announced today a significant contribution to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, by pledging €200 million for the period 2016 -2020. The EU commitment marks an exponential increase from its current level of contributions and adds up to a massive expansion of the global vaccines programme, which today received $7.539 billion from international donors. The new funding announcement sets Gavi on a path to nearly double its impact, immunizing 300 million more children and preventing up to 6 million more deaths.

Today’s announcement, made at a pledging conference hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, will allow Gavi to significantly scale up its work to stop children dying needlessly from preventable illnesses.  The news comes as nearly 150,000 ONE members around the world called on their governments to support Gavi’s work and advocates in Berlin reminded leaders attending the conference today that every parent deserves a chance to give their child a healthy start in life.

Michael Elliott, President and CEO of The ONE Campaign said: “Gavi is simply one of the smartest aid investments around. Since 2000, more than half a billion children have been vaccinated with their support and more than 7 million needless deaths avoided. The more than $7.5 billion pledged today is a huge vote of confidence in Gavi to continue delivering measurable, cost-effective results and ensure that more children, regardless of where they are born, can access the vaccines they need.”

In particular, ONE welcomes significant contributions announced today by donors including Germany, the United States, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the United Kingdom, the European Commission, and the Netherlands.  However, ONE is disappointed that Japan has failed to make any pledge for the 2016-20 period and that commitments from Sweden and Australia lack ambition.

Elliott continued: “We believe that 2015 can be a transformative year for global development efforts.  Commitments made by donors, companies, and affected countries here in Berlin give real momentum to the fight to end preventable deaths and extreme poverty within our lifetimes.”

Tamira Gunzburg, ONE’s Brussels Director added: “€200 million is a significant increase of the EU’s current level of contributions and one that Commissioner Mimica should be applauded for. Today, the new Commission has shown real political commitment that will enable Gavi to save millions of lives.”