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MEDIA: ONE reacts to G20-Conference “Partnership with Africa”

Towards a “Merkel plan with Africa”?

Following the speeches at the G20-Conference “Partnership with Africa”, Jamie Drummond, cofounder of ONE, says: 

“Today’s conference has been a mix of great speeches, intentions and ideas for a G20 Partnership with Africa. There are some great ingredients but now we need the chef.”

“African leaders think they’ve found that chef: they are putting both hope and pressure on what many of them have named not a “Marshall plan for Africa” but “Merkel’s plan with Africa”. With this tactic they are deliberately placing more pressure on the Chancellor to be the super chef, to deliver a great menu for this new partnership.”

“Some key items on the menu for the full G20 in Hamburg must be a doubling of public and private investment in a package of education employment and empowerment – especially for youth, girls and women – without neglecting the urgent need to fight corruption.”