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Lancet report – reaction from the ONE campaign

Molly Kinder, Director of Agriculture and Nutrition policy at ONE said:  “The Lancet series today shocked us into a new truth: undernutrition is an even deadlier threat to child survival than we ever thought.  The new report shows that 3.1 million children every year die because of the underlying problem of undernutrition – that accounts for 45% of all child deaths under 5 years of age. These alarming facts are now irrefutable: undernutrition is responsible for 600,000 more child deaths each year than was previously realised.

“What is so stunning about this statistic is the juxtaposition to what donors are actually contributing to the fight against malnutrition.  Total global aid to basic nutrition last year was only $418 million, or only 0.4% of all foreign aid.  This is simply unacceptable given the enormous human and economic cost.  In less than 48 hours, world leaders from dozens of countries will convene in London for what is the single biggest opportunity in two decades to fight malnutrition.  At the ‘Nutrition for Growth’ event, David Cameron will call on these leaders to make bold pledges to finance the fight.  The breaking news from The Lancet should add urgency to this call and trigger even more ambitious action.   With the lives of millions of children on the line – there is no time to wait.”


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