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G7 Summit Biarritz: ONE’s actions and asks

This G7 summit can and should turn the tide on gender inequality worldwide. The ONE Campaign will be in Biarritz to urge leaders to make this an historic summit based on real action and not just words and, in particular, to deliver real progress towards Gender Equality. 

Media contacts in Biarritz

ONE’s official spokespeople in Biarritz

Gayle E. Smith, President and CEO of ONE – English

Gayle E. Smith served as a top advisor on development issues for two American presidents and is one of the world’s leading experts on global development. She brings an unparalleled expertise on development and democracy issues, and an extraordinary network of relationships across the African continent and around the world.

Gayle is travelling to Biarritz after a meeting in Paris with President Emmanuel Macron on August 23rd and will be available for interviews and briefings on the 24th and 25th either in the Red and Blue Zones.

Friederike Röder, EU and France Director ONE – French, German, English

Friederike Röder is an expert on development finance, international relations, governance and gender issues. She follows the G7/8 and G20 meetings for ONE since 2011. She brings both a global and French perspective on the fight against inequalities and a historic approach to G7 summits and multilateralism.

Friederike will be available for interviews and briefings in Biarritz in the Red and Blue Zones from August 20th on. 

Actions to follow in Biarritz

  • Friday August 23rd, 16:24 pm, Plage de la Côte des Basques, Biarritz (outside of restricted zone): Sand art by Sam Dougados representing G7 leaders on the sand. On the eve of the Summit, ONE has a special message for the G7 leaders. Don’t forget your camera and your sunscreen. Join us at the beach to see the final result at 16h.

You can come at 14h to see the making of the sand art. The sand art creation will start at 14h and by 15h you might recognise some faces drawn on the sand.

  • Saturday August 24th, 17:36 pm and Sunday August 25th,18:58 pm, Plage de la Côte des Basques, Biarritz (outside of restricted zones): Missed it the first time? Looking for an excuse to escape the dullness of the media centre and go back to the beach? are still on time to make it to check our last message for the G7 leaders!

What we are asking for

At current rates, it will take 108 more years for the world to achieve gender equality, and even longer in some parts of the world (135 years in sub-Saharan Africa and 208 years in the United States). Not a single country is set to achieve gender equality related SDGs by 2030. Leaders attending the G7 summit have all made bold promises to fight for women’s rights and economic empowerment but too few of these have been backed by new laws, policies and funding.

This G7 summit can and should turn the tide on gender inequality worldwide. To deliver long-lasting change for girls and women, including in the poorest countries, ONE is asking the leaders at the G7 summit to sign up to The Biarritz Partnership – an ambitious package of actions that will empower women around the world. 

In this Partnership, they should commit to:

  • Get rid of sexist laws and introduce new policies promoting gender equality by 2022.
  • Fund the fight for women and girls’ health, education, and economic empowerment.
  • The creation of a new accountability mechanism focused on delivering on gender equality.

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