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EU leaders fail to present a long-term vision for the future of Europe

Brussels, 29 June 2018 – EU leaders gathered in Brussels for the first Summit since the European Commission released its proposals for the EU’s next seven-year budget. The ONE Campaign released the following statement responding to the Council conclusions:

Emily Wigens, interim Brussels Director of the anti-poverty group, ONE, said:

“It is positive that EU leaders have acknowledged that a renewed partnership with Africa is needed. However, they stopped short of setting a clear vision for how the EU’s next seven year budget can help to make this a reality.

Today, we urge leaders to ensure that future discussions on the next MFF go beyond the headlines of the day and kickstart the adoption of an ambitious EU aid budget that can support their commitment to take Europe’s relationship with Africa to a “new level”. In order to rise to the challenge, leaders must reconfirm their collective commitment to the 0.7% target and deliver a €40 billion increase in EU aid in the next MFF. The EU must remain laser focussed on providing long-term strategic solutions rather than sticking plasters that will have to hold in place for almost a decade.”

In reaction to the strong focus of discussions on migration, Wigens continued:

“We urgently need greater clarity on the EU’s objectives in the field of external migration. Without these details, there can be no accurate assessment of the resources needed today, let alone in 10 years time. EU leaders must therefore ensure that allocations for migration are carried out on the basis of a needs assessment that takes into account the needs of countries of origin, transit and destination in Africa, and is centred on the concept of human-security and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.”