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Autumn statement – reaction from the ONE campaign

Adrian Lovett, Europe Executive Director for ONE said: “Britain’s faltering growth since 2010 means that aid to developing countries has been cut by up to £1.2 billion from planned levels. Today’s good economic news should begin to reverse that decline, with an additional £610 million for aid in the next two years which is enough to fund more than 27 million vaccinations, saving 900,000 lives. That’s something British taxpayers can feel proud of.

“If the International Development departmental budget is being frozen, it is really important that the Chancellor indicates how this additional money will be spent, in a way that achieves the maximum impact in tackling extreme poverty.

“The people hit hardest by the global economic crisis have been those in the poorest countries.  As prospects begin to brighten, it’s right that a small proportion is used to uphold Britain’s promise to the poorest.”