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AU-EU Summit: A disappointment for the future of Africa’s youth

ABIDJAN –  As the 5th Summit between the African Union and the European Union comes to a close, the final joint declaration between Heads of State signed today regrettably represents a missed opportunity for the EU and AU to align their promises to the growing needs faced by Africa. AU and EU leaders need to take decisive action that will put the continent’s bulging youth population on the right track, but today’s declaration introduces no new concrete commitments.

Friederike Röder, ONE’s France Director and spokesperson in Abidjan, says: “If this summit is a deception, it’s a collective responsibility. Despite the overwhelming consensus on Africa’s growing needs for investments in education, employment and empowerment, we’ve seen no new plans besides a quick fix to address the urgent situation in Libya.

The partnership between Africa and Europe shouldn’t be limited to firefighting, but instead should build a long-term, concrete vision and plan to avoid catastrophes like this in the future. We need AU and EU leaders to follow through words with actions, and double investments to Africa to address the needs of Africa’s doubling population.

AU and EU leaders will meet again for the Global Partnership for Education conference in February in Dakar. They must ensure this conference is a success and make a financial commitment to raise the replenishment of $ 3.1 billion, which will be needed to educate nearly 40 million children.”


For information and interviews:

Friederike Röder, France Director at ONE, will be in Abidjan for the Summit. She is available for interviews and briefings in English, French and German.

Short bio: Graduated from a master in political science and international relations from Sciences Po Paris and Freie Universität Berlin, Friederike Röder has been working with the OECD, the German International Cooperation and the African Union. She has been representing ONE at different international summits (G20, G7, etc.) and is an expert in development, governance and peace and security.

For any request, please contact in Abidjan : Annabel Hervieu (senior media manager) [email protected] / +33631228968