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In a video released today, leaders of the world’s richest countries are challenged to seize the gauntlet to deploy their power to deliver the endgame on gender inequality. The film calls on leaders to replace empty promises with real action when they assemble for the G7 Summit in Biarritz later this month.  

Released by The ONE Campaign, the video calls on leaders to sign up to The Biarritz Partnership – an ambitious package of actions that will empower women around the world. 

At current rates, it will take 108 more years for the world to achieve gender equality. Leaders attending the G7 summit have all made bold pledges to fight for women’s rights and economic empowerment but too few of these have been backed by new laws, policies and funding.

Gayle Smith, President and CEO of ONE, said: “We all know the plot – a mismatched group of talented but flawed individuals come together against the odds to save humanity. This time it’s not a movie, but the reality is that world leaders don’t need superpowers to deliver real progress on gender equality.

“They’ve already made the promises. They have the power and the opportunity to deliver on them. They just need to prove they have the courage and political will to deliver actions and not words.”

Friederike Röder, EU and France Director at ONE, said: “No-one is pretending that our political leaders are heroes. But they are people that can use their power to do something great. It’s going to take more than bold words – but if we can release the full potential of over half the world’s population, the rewards will be huge. 

“Gender equality isn’t a dream we aspire to – it is a fundamental right and one that can fuel global growth and development. The EU has consistently promised to put women and girls at the forefront of its agenda. But it will take more than promises or a click of the fingers to end gender inequality. If words alone had the power to improve the lives of women and girls in the poorest regions, we’d know this by now. Now we need action.”

Throughout the G7 Summit, ONE campaigners and activists will remind leaders of the promises they have made and press them to sign up to the Biarritz Partnership.