ONE Campaign reaction to exposure of grand corruption in Liberia and Zambia

This week, two African governments launched investigations into grand corruption. Liberia exposed the discovery of missing bank notes equal to 5% of its GDP, while Zambia launched an investigation into alleged mismanagement of education and social protection programmes. Donors supporting these Zambian programmes have suspended their support pending investigations.

Rudo  Kwaramba-Kayombo, Africa Executive Director for The ONE Campaign said:

“We welcome the launch of these investigations into alleged fraud and corruption. This is transparency and accountability in action. Any attempt to steal or divert money designed to achieve sustainable development and end poverty must be exposed, investigated and the perpetrators must face trial. The stakes are too high – when resources that would otherwise save lives go missing.

“The leaders of Zambia and Liberia are right in demonstrating that this kind of corruption will not be tolerated. Aid donors are right to suspend these programmes pending the investigation. We must ensure that government revenues and aid reach those that need it most.”