Pandemic Response Report Cards

The crippling threat of COVID-19 has been with us for over two years.

World leaders have repeatedly gone on record to declare that it’s in everyone’s interest to end the pandemic and halt the economic carnage it is driving. None of us are safe until all of us are safe, right?

But here’s the catch: words alone aren’t enough. A crisis of this scale demands real action.

The world has the means to end this pandemic, but it will require a huge shift in momentum to redirect resources and support to those places that are the furthest behind.

ONE’s Pandemic Report Cards track how the world’s most developed economies are delivering on their promises to end the pandemic – by sharing vaccine doses, funding the global vaccine response, dismantling barriers to increase supply globally and supporting the economic recovery.

Read ONE’s methodology (PDF) for the Pandemic Report Cards scores.

Read our latest analysis (PDF) of what the report cards are showing us on the global pandemic response.