YouTube stars come together with protest songs for agit8


Join the fight against extreme poverty

As a part of our music-based campaign agit8, ONE is teaming up with 14 musicians to launch Come Together: The YouTube Project, a celebration of some of YouTube’s most promising and talented artists.

Artists who get 1,000 or more votes of support will be featured on ONE’s Ultimate Protest Song Spotify album alongside, Mumford & Sons, Jessie J, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, U2, Sting and more.

The 14 artists that are coming together to help us put an end to extreme poverty range from the incredibly successful to the up-and-coming. Some have released dozens of songs on iTunes, one performed at our two-day pop-up concert in London in June and one is only 12 years old. They have until 9th August to get your support for their videos.

Watch the videos and support your favourites.

Here’s the full list of our participating artists and their YouTube channels:

Crissi Cochrane
Heather Fay
Christina Grimmie
Kiersten Holine
Jordan Jansen
Eric Joel
Los Vasquez Sounds
Daria Musk – Coming soon
Noah – Coming soon
Savannah Outen
Max Schneider – Coming soon
Connie Talbot
Emma White
Ryan Van Sickle

Who will you choose to support?

Big thanks to F# for helping us design the site and YouTube project section!

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