Campaign update

Is a global plan to end the pandemic finally here?

ONE has been pressing world leaders to commit to a global plan to end this pandemic for 18 months. And, today it’s finally happening! On Wednesday September 22 at the UN General Assembly, world leaders, the private sector, and organizations like ONE will gather for a Global COVID-19 Summit to commit to a plan to vaccinate the world.

We’re 18 months into this pandemic, and we have seen remarkable acts of heroism, compassion, and scientific innovation. But we’ve also seen massive suffering and huge disparities. We now have proven, life-saving vaccines to fight this virus, but 85% of those doses have gone to wealthy countries, and only 2% of people in low-income countries have received their first dose.

The only effective national plan to end the pandemic is a global plan to end the pandemic.

The urgency for a plan is both immediate and long-term, so the stakes for the summit couldn’t be higher. Leaders participating in the summit will be asked to agree to a new commitment to vaccinate at least 70% of people in each country income category by September 2022. This would be the first time world leaders have endorsed a collective, time-bound goal to control the pandemic. If met, this target would ensure all countries have fair access to vaccines — providing vital protection to people everywhere.

ONE acting CEO Tom Hart will attend the summit and make sure the voices of ONE activists are heard. In a video recorded for the summit, Tom presses world leaders to be bolder and braver than before:


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