Girls Everywhere

Patricia and Consolata are an incredible mother-daughter duo. They just wrote a POWERFUL letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about why they’ve committed their lives to fighting gender inequality and ending HIV. Now they are calling on PM Trudeau - as a fellow champion of change - to help create a better future for girls everywhere. Will you join them?

In September, Patricia and Consolata have their chance to make the world listen. Prime Minister Trudeau will host world leaders in Montreal to try and tackle the fight against AIDS, TB, and malaria. We need to make sure they all step up.

This week, over 7,000 young women will become infected with HIV. There will be over 7,000 more next week. And the week after that. Patricia and Consolata have refused to accept this and we should too.

Add your name to their letter, calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to continue his leadership on the fight against gender inequality and to protect girls everywhere from HIV.