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Nearly 50 years ago, Canada was THE leader in the fight against extreme poverty. We created the global standard for how much countries should allocate to foreign aid from their yearly budgets. We raised the bar for helping people pull themselves out of poverty.

But in the last few decades that funding has been continually cut, and we have fallen off the path to reaching the global standard Canada helped set.

It's time to get Canada back on track.

Ask Finance Minister Morneau to prioritize the programs that help the world’s poorest people - especially for women and girls - in this year’s budget. It’s time to be a leader again.

Dear Finance Minister Morneau,

As you consider your choices for next year's budget, please increase foreign aid funding to 0.34% of Canada's national income so that we can help create a better future for girls and women everywhere - in education, in health, in fighting for good nutrition. The world is counting on Canada to lead again, and so are we.