ONE’s commitment to protecting its most valuable resource: its people

The ONE Campaign believes that where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live. Its people come to work each day determined to create a world where every single person has a fair shot at fulfilling their greatest potential. Fairness and justice are at the bedrock of our advocacy, and it is critical that the workplace from which we fight lives up to the principles for which we campaign.

Like all non-profit organizations, which exist to serve others, ONE must meet a higher standard for the treatment of those who work for and with us. We have signed up to be part of a mission that is bigger than any one of us. We take ownership for the decisions and actions we take or fail to take. We behave in a way that earns the trust of others. We support our colleagues and empower each other to do great work. We treat everyone with respect. We value and actively encourage the contribution of diverse ideas, perspectives and backgrounds. We focus on solutions. We welcome critique and criticism but reject cynicism. And we must be accountable for ourselves and to each other.

Every employee and volunteer must be able to work in an environment that is safe and free from harassment, abuse or other inappropriate conduct. Likewise, everyone in our organization has a responsibility to behave appropriately and foster a healthy and open organizational culture, and also to look after one another and report misconduct when they see it.

This document is a declaration. It is a doctrine for the next chapter of The ONE Campaign — one we will write together.


Every member of ONE’s team is committed to the safety and well being of everyone on our team. To that end, as an organization, we declare our commitment to these eight principles: 

  1. We do not tolerate bullying, harassment or other abusive behavior in the workplace.
  2. We do not tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or any other discriminatory behavior from anyone, at any level of the organization.
  3. We ask employees at every level to take responsibility for their own actions and for alerting senior leadership when they see misconduct.
  4. We provide multiple ways to share complaints, concerns and grievences with senior leadership.
  5. We take all concerns and grievances seriously, and no allegation will be discounted.
  6. We address management challenges.
  7. We ensure all employees receive management and annual gender and diversity training.
  8. We do not ever let being passionate about our work be an excuse for inappropriate workplace conduct.

These principles are the foundation of our commitment to our staff. They are imbued in our organizational culture, in our management style and in our decision-making. They set a standard for how we engage our employees, contractors and volunteers, and they ensure that as we build the world we want to see, we’re also building an organization that reflects our values. 

History has proven that no one can promise that misconduct will never occur. What we can promise is that the leadership of ONE will do everything it can to prevent misconduct and  ensure that the institution acts quickly and responsibly should it occur.

This declaration is the start of our work, not the end. The safeguarding of our people is the ongoing responsibility of every manager and every employee. Working together, we can not only meet the higher standard we set for ourselves, but the one we seek for the world.