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COVID-19 is a global pandemic that requires a global response to smother its ever-increasing reach. In the wake of its spread though, ONE staff have been awed to witness the incredible acts of humanity taking place to protect those most in need and to help flatten the curve. Across the globe, people are banding together in solidarity to support the heroes on the frontlines and do their parts to stop the spread.

We put an open call out to our ONE Supporters and asked them to share their stories of solidarity with us. Below are a small selection of the responses we received. We hope these stories lift you in the days ahead like they’ve lifted all of us here at ONE.

Suzy da Costa, Canada

I’m a personal support worker of seniors and disabled people. Everyday I go to work, hopefully making people’s lives a little better, especially during this time. Our seniors and disabled are a demographic that is very overlooked. But in this time especially they are even more isolated. Most of the people I see live alone and personal support workers are the only people they see. I am so grateful to live in Canada where we have these services that are essential, especially during this time. My hope at the end of this is that we as people will realize that we are all citizens of the world. That the next time we think “why should I care about people so far away, we have our own problems” that we have learned that a healthy world is a healthy home. That where you are born or what sex you are born as, should never determine if you live or die. Or if you get an education or not. We are ONE and we need to carry each other.

Christopher Atsen, Nigeria

These are not normal times. COVID-19 knocks on our door and we know what comes with it. A single country can’t stop it. We are in this together and we must band together to defeat it.

Leonor Calaça, United Kingdom

My mother is a nurse at her local hospital. She is almost 65 and, being asthmatic, is afraid of catching COVID-19. She goes to work every day so she can help others. She has been calling patients to let them know they don’t have to show up to non-essential appointments, and then takes the time to ask how they are doing, if they have people to help them (they are cancer patients). Although I’m afraid my mother might get ill, I’m also so proud of the work she is doing and how she worries about those in need. She is my inspiration. For the sake of those who cannot self-isolate, let’s stay indoors and keep THEM safe. If we all do our parts, we’ll get through this safer. Thanks for reading.

Jonathan Reitzenstein, United States

As an urgent care physician, I am overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and neighbours. One of them is a very talented seamstress and she has made dozens of very high quality masks for our clinic and our patients. In times of crisis, it is wonderful to see how many people reach out and serve.

Mache Kokkoti, Greece

During this difficult time, I take the opportunity to thank everyone who works for the benefit of the community be it doctors, nurses, pharmacists, employees in food markets, drivers in the public transportation, employees in airports and each and every one who puts the public interest as a priority. We should look at the bright side, the people who managed to recover from the virus infection. Let’s look over the rainbow. There is sunshine after the storm hopefully.

Andi Rahim, Indonesia

To all teachers, health workers, store employees, and many others who each day are going to work to make sure that our civilisation never ceases to make progress, we truly appreciate you. I believe, with the spirit of humanity, we will win the fight against COVID-19.

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Demand a Global Response to Coronavirus

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