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ONE Reacts to Canada’s 2022 Budget

“The world today is facing converging crises of conflict, pandemics, and climate change. We continue to face a global health crisis and must respond to the challenge of rebuilding and preparing for what is next. Canada was one of the first countries to invest our fair share in the ACT Accelerator and with this budget we are doing our part on this once again. This investment helps to purchase tests, treatments, and vaccines, as well as humanitarian aid to deal with the aftershocks of the pandemic. In Budget 2022, the Government continued to invest in development at a higher level than before the pandemic. We can celebrate that and continue to push for our fair share to tackle all diseases. We must continue to tackle all these crises at the same time and resist the temptation to focus solely on the crisis in Ukraine and the pandemic. Canada can increase global security through strategic investments in development and prosperity.”

Suzanne Granville, Executive Director (North America)