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G7: ONE welcomes Global Alliance for Food Security (GAFS)

19 May 2022 – Earlier today G7 ministers announced the launch of the Global Alliance for Food Security (GAFS). The development organisation ONE welcomes the initiative but cautions that the Alliance will be judged on its ability to meet the needs of people facing severe food insecurity, curb the rapid rise in food prices and end supply shortages.  


David McNair, Executive Director for policy at The ONE Campaign, said:

“With the world’s poorest people facing the most dangerous food crisis in decades, the last thing the world needs now is a new paper tiger. Communiques and bureaucratic initiatives will not feed people. What we really need to see is real action – backed up by new funding – to ensure people have enough food.


“The idea of an Anti-Hunger Alliance sounds great, but it also raises many questions. Will there be any new investments, or is this simply old wine in new bottles? Will the G7 keep their promise not to impose export restrictions on food in their countries? And how do the G7 ensure that vital food staples reach the people who need it most?


“The G7 must provide answers to these questions today. Above all they must take the urgent action needed now to stabilize prices and protect food supply chains. Ultimately, the new alliance on global food security will only be a success if it directly benefits the people who are now suffering from hunger. With millions of lives at risk from starvation, the G7 has no time to lose.” 




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  • ONE has published an interactive overview of the consequences of the Ukraine war for Africa: https://bit.ly/3yqnVAF  

ONE is an international movement working to end extreme poverty and preventable diseases by 2030. So that every person can live a life of dignity and opportunity. We are non-partisan and put pressure on governments to do more to fight extreme poverty and preventable diseases, especially in Africa. ONE also supports citizens in demanding accountability from their governments. More information at www.one.org.