Jamie Drummond

Co-Founder, ONE & Founder, Sharing Strategies

Co-founder of ONE, Jamie founded Sharing Strategies, which brings together philanthropies, think tanks, campaign groups and International Organisations to share “collective intelligence for people and planet”. The aim is to foster greater collaboration between individuals and institutions working across climate and development issues and tackle our era of “polycrisis” by focusing partners on 3 workstreams and co-created strategic goals.

Firstly, reforming our global financial architecture so we unlock a significant increase in quality public and private finance for the SDGs and climate action, with the need estimated at least $2.4 trillion annually by 2030; Secondly, creating a data-driven set of match-making platforms whereby global finance connects with an improving pipeline of national and local projects and policies for people and planet; Thirdly, connecting local to global campaigns and movements so that leadership is renewed to mitigate populism and drive systemic multilateral change for the next decade and beyond.

Jamie’s entrepreneurial advocacy journey started in 1995 when working with partners of Christian Aid in Ethiopia – a country spending more on servicing unjust “cold war-era” debts than on health or education. This gave him the idea of the “Drop the Debt” campaign – dropping the debts of highly indebted poor countries that commit to invest the freed-up funds in their people and fight corruption. Jamie persuaded Bono to spearhead the campaign and, with others, built a broad coalition of campaigners who successfully secured the cancellation of Ethiopia’s national debt, as well as US$110 billion dollars of debt for some of the world’s poorest countries.

Over the next two decades, first at DATA then at ONE, Jamie worked with partners to combine evidence-based policies and public campaigning to launch many successful global health, anti-poverty and anti-corruption campaigns. In 2015, Jamie, ONE and partners helped persuade world leaders to agree the 2030 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.