Will you join us to demand 3 million jobs each year for Nigeria’s youth?


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The elections are over but the real work begins. Watch and share this video with your friends and show our elected president that Naija’s youth are ready for change.

Millions of Nigerians took to the polls to cast and defend their votes in the presidential and governorship elections. Young Nigerians got talking on social media, following Live TV updates as we all waited in anticipation for the results. The elections are over but our duty to Naija doesn’t end there. Now, the real work begins. Holding our elected leaders accountable for their promises and our needs as a nation is the next important step.

The good news is the #VoteYourFuture campaign has been incredible. Over 85,000 young Nigerians have signed the Youth Declaration so far and 6 aspiring leaders endorsed it.

Over 85,000 people signed ONE’s Youth Declaration.

Over 85,000 young Nigerians signed ONE’s Youth Declaration.

Fed-up with empty promises, young Nigerians are ready for bold changes. They are holding our leaders to account to make sure we build a Nigeria that works for every one of Naija’s 3 million young people.

The next phase of our campaign is to share the Youth Declaration with President Buhari. These actions could have a huge impact on getting the returning president to prioritise the issues affecting Naija’s youth across the country.

These are the issues that need your attention

Top of young Nigerians priority list is job creation – our nation is growing, and by 2030, half the population will be under 25 years old. Leaders must act and make sure there’s opportunities for every one of the 3 million young Nigerians looking for employment each year.

Other hot issues include ending corruption, improving healthcare, access to quality education and investing in agriculture. By investing in Naija’s youth, Nigeria can continue to grow into a strong and prosperous country.

So, will you watch the video and share the progress we’ve made so others can take action too?

Find out more about the #VoteYourFuture policy issues that will build Nigeria.

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