The Vote Your Future Campaign: A better Naija and a sweeter future

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Vote your future

There is definitely nothing better than a movement of young, united and consistent voices speaking up for a better Nigeria. A Nigeria that is flourishing in peace and unity. A country where healthcare is accessible, where there is food for all, jobs for the young people brimming with potential and where every child has unrestricted access to education.

On the 20th of October, thousands of people will gather at the Edmunds Events Centre in Abuja, to demand that those aspiring to lead this country invest more in the future of our nation.

It will be a gathering of vibrant, focused and unrelenting young people, who understand the power of ONE Voice. A summit of great minds bound by a vision of working “together in ending extreme poverty.”

We all agree in our quest for a better Nigeria. A place we can be proud to call home, a place where leaders will lead based on the issues that matter to us. A place where promises will be validated and where accountability will be guaranteed.

With our voices united, our feet moving, we will demand a new future, on behalf of more than 70 million young people in Nigeria.

This nonpartisan campaign will demand accountability from our leaders by asking  them to publicly commit to ending extreme poverty in Nigeria. This will address a dire need in Nigeria today—transparent and accountable governance.

We have  no time for complaining, we are taking action!

Let’s get ourselves the future we deserve!

Rotimi Alao, ONE Champion


Vote your future

We, the youth of Nigeria, call upon all aspiring leaders to endorse our youth declaration.

We see mass unemployment, failing infrastructure, corruption, extreme poverty, the marginalisation of women and girls, broken promises. And we know our nation can do better.

We hope tomorrow will bring an opportunity to thrive, not just survive. Today we are nation builders who want to make Naija better.

Now we speak with one voice. United across tribe, religion and gender, we stand together and face those that try to divide us.

We pledge to Nigeria our country: to serve her with all our strength, to defend her unity, to uphold her honour and glory.

We ask that you listen to and collaborate with us. That you create 3 million jobs each year and tackle corruption, healthcare, education, gender discrimination, and agriculture; with investments and policies that unlock the potential of young Nigerians.

We promise to hold you accountable for your words and actions. We are more than half of the population and together we cannot be ignored.

We are the future. And the future is now.

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