The Trillion Dollar Scandal

In 2014, ONE launched a campaign exposing the biggest heist you’ve never heard of. Our analysis showed that more than a trillion dollars is syphoned from developing countries every year through shady deals, including the use of dodgy secretive firms. This often involves money laundering, corrupt deals for natural resources, drug trafficking and much more. If countries were able to crack down on these deals, recover the money, and tax it at normal rates, it could raise enough money to save an average of 3.6 million lives a year through spending on basic health systems.


  • ONE released a video featuring a voiceover by actor Colin Farrell, who explained, with some help from a zombie, that anyone (even a dead person) can engage in the shady business practices that are helping to remove a trillion dollars every year from developing countries.
  • We launched a campaign to get world leaders to put an end to it, calling for new transparency laws. The G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia was the perfect opportunity for leaders to agree a way forward and crack-down on this scandal.


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