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For the 2021 federal elections in Germany, ONE activists reminded politicians of their commitments to global justice and sustainable development. Following the theme of the ‘Politikgewissen’ (voice of conscience in politics), activists met with the more than 50 politicians, including all of the three candidates for the chancellorship, to ensure that the goals of the 2030 Agenda and the promotion of sustainable development across the world are prioritised.

In the run-up to election day our activists and youth ambassadors worked tirelessly to gather as many signatures as possible for ‘Article ONE’, a manifesto whose signatories committed to standing up for global justice during their time in office. 

To gain the attention of the candidates our Youth Ambassadors organised protests in Berlin where coalition negotiations took place, collected postcards with the demands of voters in the constituencies of key politicians and even turned a Berlin bus stop into an activist hub in cooperation with several German celebrities.


  • More than 12.000 people supported our campaigns with their voices calling on the new government to put global justice first.
  • Celebrities such as Carolin Kebekus, Michael Mittermeier und Annette Frier joined our mini-series ‘Politikgewissen’ impersonating the voice of conscience holding the chancellor candidates accountable.
  • We took over a bus stop at Berlin’s Nollendorfplatz and turned it into a street-activist lab and place of exchange. Together with the comedian Negah Amiri we talked politics with passers-by to engage them with our campaign. 
  • We captured the politician’s attention through numerous, creative stunts including projections onto the office of the chancellor. 

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