Progress Not Promises

Agenda: Inequality - the G7 must change the endgame

Women around the world are facing a crisis. This month at the G7 summit in Biarritz, our leaders have the power to make real progress towards gender equality, but they need to stop talking and start doing. Let’s ask them to change the endgame!

World leaders promised to achieve gender equality by 2030 but at the current rate, it will take 108 years. We can’t wait another century for women and girls to be free and equal.

In August, leaders from the seven largest and most advanced economies, from Africa and the rest of the world, will meet at the G7 Summit in Biarritz. They have an opportunity to take real, concrete action for girls and women everywhere. We need to make sure they make genuine progress, not grand promises.

Equal opportunities for girls and women everywhere

While women’s rights are under attack around the globe, world leaders are meeting in Biarritz, France in what could be a game-changing summit for women and girls in the poorest countries and worldwide.

That’s why we’re delivering a giant postcard to the leaders attending, asking them to make real progress and turn the tide on gender equality.


Sign the letter: Join the fight

Forty-five inspiring activists from across the African continent are demanding world leaders make progress, not promises in the fight for gender equality. Sign their open letter now. Because none of us are equal until all of us are equal.

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What we’re asking leaders to do

If we hope to deliver the most ambitious goals humankind has ever set — the Sustainable Development Goals — we need G7 leaders to make policy changes and put more money behind this fight. The G7 Summit can deliver Progress not Promises on gender equality if leaders in Biarritz commit to:


By committing to introducing two, new progressive laws by 2022, and to get rid of sexist laws.


Get women banking online

By fully funding the Gates’ Foundation’s proposal that would give 240 million women in Africa access to digital financial services

Support women entrepreneurs in Africa

Through programmes like the African Development Bank’s AFAWA initiative (Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa)

Invest in local women’s rights organisations

By committing a combined total of $945 million which would go directly to those working on the frontlines of the fight for gender equality

Increase funding for education

By doubling aid to the Sahel by 2022 (and across Africa by 2025), and with African governments spending 20% of their budgets on education


By endorsing the creation of a Global Alliance for Gender Equality that holds governments and partners to account for their commitments, starting with those made at the G7 Summit.

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