Tell Justin Trudeau: Enable every woman to unlock her own potential

Girls and women in the world’s poorest countries are being held back from realising their full potential, because poverty is sexist. They are fighting for an equal chance to learn, equal opportunities to earn money, and equal control over their finances.

If every woman could unlock her own potential to work, earn and invest in the future, the impact would be revolutionary.

Women would have more freedom and control over their own lives. They tend to spend more on the health and education of their children, so future generations and entire communities would benefit. And it would boost the global economy by an incredible US $28 trillion, if all gender gaps in work and society were closed.

In a few weeks, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will host the leaders of the world’s biggest economies at the G7 summit in Quebec. We’re urging him to back a big idea that could kick-start momentous change: a bold new initiative that brings governments and the private sector together to fund programmes and change policies designed to empower women in the poorest countries.

We’ve been encouraged by Prime Minister Trudeau’s words of solidarity with women and girls in the poorest countries. Now we want to see action.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Please invest in girls and women in the world’s poorest countries to unlock their full potential. Commit to a bold initiative at the G7 summit that enables at least 100 million women to learn, work and increase their independence.