VIDEO: Why Africa’s mineral wealth is not benefiting the poor

Africa’s oil, gas and mineral wealth has helped the continent become one of the fastest-growing places on the planet, joining the world league of high-growth economies. But is that wealth being distributed to its poor? 

According to this video from Africa Progress Panel, the answer is no. The continent hosts 30 percent of the world’s mineral reserves, but too few Africans have benefited from the natural resources beneath its soils and waters. Four of sub-Saharan Africa’s top oil producers have disappointing human development indicators. Equatorial Guinea, for example, has a higher level of income per capita than Poland – yet three-quarters of its population lives in poverty.

Watch the video below to learn the facts and figures behind this phenomenon. Then take action with ONE below to ensure that an African nation’s wealth goes toward health care, schools and clean water, making a better life for its citizens.

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