Video of child labor in India will shock and disgust you

This heart-wrenching video on child labor in India shows images of young children making colorful Christmas ornaments, gifts and trinkets in cramped, dimly lit workshops away from their families, working 12 hours at a time. These children painstakingly assemble the shiny, pretty baubles, using sharp objects like needles and even broken glass, for the rest of the world to enjoy during the holiday season. The irony of it is maddening.

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If these children went to school instead of having to work to take care of themselves, then they would be able to have a better chance of succeeding at life. But they don’t even have that chance. Nearly 115,000,000 child labourers in the world, my mind can’t comprehend it. The children in this video are working at a sweatshop – but what about the other children who are forced to work at more hazardous jobs, exposed to harmful chemicals or pesticides, or worse, sell their bodies in the streets?

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