VIDEO: We’re halfway there. Help us finish the job!

What if Dr. King walked away from the podium halfway through “I Have a Dream”?

What if Malala decided not to go back to school?

What if Nelson Mandela said “I’m done” when he was released from prison?

The world would not have changed for the better. In our new video “Halfway There,” ONE members have a special message for you: in the past 10 years, ONE members have been working hard to cut extreme poverty in half. And they’re sticking around – just like Dr. King, Malala and Nelson Mandela, to finish the job. 

We’re proud that this video puts the spotlight on the biggest stars we know: our dedicated ONE members. They are fighting to reach the end of extreme poverty by 2030.

Just like Maragaret and Phil and Gustavo and Amy and Chijoke and Mitchell, you’ve helped cut extreme poverty in half. And even though we haven’t heard from you in a little while, we’d love to have you back. We need your help – your voice – if we’re going to finish the job. 

So tell us the one thing you’ll do before the end of the year to keep up the fight. Sign a petition. Recruit three friends to join the fight. Write a letter to your senator. Tweet. Host an event.

Pledge your one thing right here and let’s get this done!


Special thanks to our friends at Reel FX and 3Headed Monster, who gave their time and talent to make this video!