NGO Statement on Poverty and Trade

As leading members of the international development community, we understand that inclusive trade and investment are drivers of economic growth, which is essential to sustainably eliminating poverty and hunger around the world. People need jobs, and the economic activity generated by expanded trade can create high-quality employment opportunities for the poor.

The current Obama Administration trade agenda—which seeks to create jobs protected by more robust labor standards and greater accountability for governments to adhere to standards—has significant bipartisan support and is critically important to generating inclusive economic growth. If implemented with an eye towards poverty reduction, trade can lift populations that are typically marginalized, such as women and minority groups.

We feel that this trade agenda therefore has an important part to play in the work to end poverty and hunger. Efficient and effective international aid is critical; international trade is not a substitute for development assistance. Rather, both have distinct and essential roles to play. Trade is another key tool for promoting inclusive development and a fairer, safer, more peaceful and prosperous world.


Tom Hart
US Executive Director

Rebecca Middleton
Chief Operating Officer
Alliance to End Hunger

Claude Fontheim
Senior Advisor
Business Council for Global Development

William Reese
International Youth Foundation

Amy Coughenour
Chief Operating Officer
National Cooperative Business Association/CLUSA

Alyse Nelson
President and CEO
Vital Voices Global Partnership

Patricia Morris
Women Thrive Worldwide